I've been playing guitar for many years - ever since my dad surprised me with a guitar one day after school, that he hid in a broom closet. For the past 10 years I've spent most of my time leading worship at the churches we've attended, with a bunch of guys that I 've really enjoyed playing with. But in all that time, I never made the effort to put down any songs of my own. 21 years after getting that first guitar, I figured I'd better give it a shot, and in the spring of 2002, I started. The songs on this website are my first, and only....so far, full efforts at writing.

These songs are mostly coming out of things that I see around me every day. I guess I feel like they are 'real-life' stories, set to my style of music. I record all these basic demos at home, running my guitars and vocals through a mic and basic pre-amp, and then directly into my pc. I'm truly amazed at how decent of a sound you can get with the simplest of tools.

My 'day job' is as a web developer, and my 'real job' is as a dad to three beautiful kids, and a husband to my beautiful wife who allows me to be goofy in this love of music.

Thanks for stopping by! - PL