Friends of the 'Buzz'!
The following links are to friends and fellow musicians with websites. Please take a moment to visit theirs sites to hear new music!
Easily one of the most talented guitarists I know, his acoustic fingerpick style and slide guitar playing are absolutely fantastic...go visit his site for some great samples.

Ceri Taylor
Ceri wrote the lyrics to 'Sunset on the Pedernales' and has written many, many songs. Stop by to see her songwriting and graphics site.

Ande Rasmussen
Ande wrote the lyrics to 'Forever Will Never Be Long Enough.' He's based out of Austin, and is the president of the Austin Songwriters Group. Stop by his site to hear more of his work.
Dan has a great acoustic flavored sound that is really great. He just released his first CD, Upside Down to Earth. You can hear samples on his site as well.


Additional Links
My main gig. If you need some web development or design services, we sure offer them.
I'm truly in love with these guitars.
I record all my demos at home on a PC. This place has been a wealth of information.
Probably the best value in home recording software for the PC. Under $50 for a multitrack program that really does a great job!
Irene has probably done more for the budding songwriter than she'll ever know. I think I might have read every article at her site twice! A huge help to getting me going in writing...thanks Irene.

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