February 2012 - Quick note: If you're in the Salem/Keizer area, I will be starting up guitar lessons, along with recording, music leading and song writing lessons. Get in touch with me for more information.

February 2008 - Wow, another year come and gone! Sadly, the past year flew by, and I didn't get much writing and recording done, BUT I did end up dropping 50 lbs, and that was an amazing goal realized for me! I also took up cycling, and completed a 70 mile ride in a literal monsoon!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what new things lie ahead for this year, and looking forward to getting back to the writing desk and recording!

December 2006 - Yeehaw! Fox and the Hound 2 is now out on DVD. Why is that cool? Because mi compadre Blair Masters (see picture at the right side of this page) and Gordon Kennedy have a song i the movie called "Blue Beyond" which was recorded by Trisha Yearwood. The movie stars the voices of Jeff Foxworthy, Reba McEntire, and others, and the soundtrack has Trisha, Reba, Little Big Town and others.. You can visit the official Disney site here, or go to Amazon and buy the movie or the soundtrack. Support our fellow writers! I'm much proud of my buddy!

March 2006 - One of my songwriting buddies, Ruth Greenwood has released her own CD! You can take a listen at either her site, RuthGreenwood.com, or at CD Baby, where she has a page too. It's an all acoustic recording of some of her great songs. Some of my personal favorites are What Is, Name For This and Indian Summer. If you get a few minutes, check out her music!

2005 - Did I really go the whole year without updating any information in here....holy moly!

October 2004 - The folks from CountryReview.com have put together a new site which is featuring new songwriters, CRsongs.com. I was just informed that I'm a featured writer for this month....take a look! - UPDATE....looks like that site had a short lived life, it's dead now!

September 2004 - Whew! Been a crazy summer with lots of work projects and a brand new baby boy in the home! Welcome Adam Palmer Lopez - we love you!

March 2004 - Congrats Ande Rasmussen! - I recently got this note from one of my co-writers, Ande Rasmussen.

"On Thursday February 19th, 2004, I was driving home on IH 35 in my green Ford F-150 truck after a dinner meeting. At 7:10 pm Austin's KVET 98.1 FM was playing the Texas Top 10 and I heard "Home Made of Stone" for the first time on the radio. I started whoopin and hollerin. I grabbed my cell phone and tried to reach my wife. Because right there one of my songwritings dream came true. My dream was to hear a song I cowrote on the radio. I've been chasing that goal since I started writing songs in October 1997."

For those of you that don't know, John Arthur Martinez was the 1st runner up in last years Nashville Star. Later that year he signed a deal with Dualtone Records, which is (I believe) being distributed by Sony. His single, "Home Made of Stone," was released on 2/06, and can be requested on your local stations. The songs writers are JAM, Mike Blakely, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Steve Seskin, and Ande Rasmussen. CALL THOSE STATIONS!!! (You can get a list of stations from JAM's site - click on Fan Club to select your area.)


October 2003 - Ken Collins Dedication - I had the opportunity to write and perform an original song, The Turning of The Page, for the dedication of the auditorium at McNary High School on October 11, in Keizer Oregon. It was great to see so many faces from years gone by...please drop me an email to let me know what's going on these days!

For those who asked about getting a copy of the song, I've now uploaded a quick one-take of it to my site. I'll be uploading a more finished version before too long, but wanted to at least put something up for you. Click here for the mp3 of The Turning of the Page - if you right click, you can choose to save the file to your hard drive. Thanks for listening!


August 2003 - Jason Blume Chat: In May, I had a 'live' critique via the internet, with three other writers, including Jason Blume, whose had cuts with several artists including the Backstreet Boys, Collin Raye, and the Oak Ridge Boys. Jason's critique of my song Funny Way To Say Goodbye was very encouraging particularly with quotes such as:

"You certainly know how to write a perfectly crafted song..."
"There’s some wonderful, detailed images....
All the lines in the chorus are terrific.
"Wow. The fact that you can do this after only a dozen songs is incredible! I probably wrote for ten years before I got to the level you're at. "

Now, before I leave you thinking it was all gushing over my song...please feel free to read the WHOLE critique, where he also points out the weaknesses of the song. A really great opportunity and experience!


2003 - No new writing news...business projects have kept me away for the past couple months. However, Dwight Yoakam put on a heck of a show in Portland last night.

Dwight is probably the reason I started really dove into a deep love for modern country music! Glad to see he has a new album out. (Thanks to Scott and Derek for the tour bus and concert experience!)


March 2003 - Nashville Trip: Photos from my Nashville trip are up - click here. I had a fantastic time, and got to meet a lot of great people.

Austin Update - I didn't win the Keep Austin Weird song contest, some guy from Austin did...go figure! While I was in Nashville, I found out they'd be picking the winner that week, and that the guys from the area would be playing live. In about an hour, Blair programmed up some drums and keyboards to my original guitar/vocal MP3. We didn't have my original raw tracks, so he sync'd up to my rough guitar. Despite my non-tight guitar tracking, it still turned out kind of cool - if you listened to my acoustic version, you can hear the new version, if you're interested - you can get it here. (right click and save)


February 2003 - Cool news! I found out that the 3 songs I submitted in the Tunesmith Song Contest all placed in the top 5%! (Tunesmith is an online songwriting community geared towards commercial writing, and is based in Nashville.) 'Sunset on the Pedernales,' a collab with Ceri Taylor, placed #3 overall, 'Funny Way To Say Goodbye' placed #11 overall, and 'Finally Free' placed #13 overall. The #3 finish qualified me for a free $129 entrance to the seminar I'll be attending later this month, as well being submitted by Tunesmith to some publishers and other industry people. This has been a great encouragement for my first year of writing. You can hear all my submissions on the Music page.


Jan 2003 - Keep Austin Weird: I've been informed I'm in the top 5 submission in the Keep Austin Weird song contest, I should hear soon who will win. I wrote some music for an existing lyric about the city's odd legacies and submitted it last week. Voting is officially over for the first round, but you can still go to the site and hear all the entries. My entry is KAW #9 . They are streamed Lo-Fi there, and you'll need Real Player, but if you want to hear a hi-fi version for some reason in MP3 format, you can get it here. (right click and save)


October 2002 - Reviews: Hey, I'm getting my first 'press' notice. I'll be included in the October issue of Riff Music Magazine, in the Hot Picks From The Internet column. You can read the review here.

October 2002 - I also just got reviewed on GodsofMusic.com, for the single song, Finally Free. You can read that review here.