Hi Paul, below is your review as it will appear in the October issue of Colorado's Riff Music Magazine.

The Review
By: Bobby Bensley Deal
Artist: Paul Lopez
Album: Simply Demos

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Paul Lopez is one of the world’s natural songwriters. With 20 plus years as a guitar player one day a few months ago he sat down and thought I should try and write a song. Six months later Lopez has emerged as a bona fide songwriter with a flair for Pop with a Nashville Americana flavor.

Living proof that you don’t need to break the bank to record and produce an acceptable demo, Lopez records his songs with minimal hardware, a mic, a pre amp and a DA box for his guitar he runs straight to the hard drive of his computer to produce the simplest of digital sound recordings. Far from perfect the results are nonetheless sonically acceptable for the purpose for which they were produced, which simply put is to share them with those who might enjoy them. There are times where the lack of hardware is evident in some overdriven vocal or guitar levels but given the overall production methods used these recordings really have been well handled.

Truly a songwriter for everyman the songs of Paul Lopez will draw the listener in and convey his message with a simplistic and honest approach. With lyrics that pose simple questions of life, loss and love the songs are far more mature then the few simple months of experience would normally warrant.

Stylistically Lopez will appeal to a wide range of tastes but comparisons to artists such as Train, Tom Petty, Mellencamp or Paul Lewis of YNOT will be frequent occurrences in this artist’s new career. Add to them a faint hint of James Taylor and Garth Brooks and you would be right on the mark of this modern day minstrel’s works.

Sadly, Lopez has not yet produced an album for retail sale but you can download or stream six well-polished and enjoyable demos off his website at to hold you over while you wait for the album. Hopefully the wait won’t be long but either way it is sure to be worth it.

Downloads of note on this site include “Finally Free” the Internet collaboration between Lopez and Blair Masters and the beautiful finger picking of “Sunset on the Pedernales” with its soft and rich melody reminiscent of James Taylor.

Overall this is an artist with a lot of potential who with the guidance of a good producer, some solid promotion and a good helping of luck you will be hearing a lot more about in the not to distant future.

Here is the single song online review that led to the full magazine review:

Finally Free
© 2002 - Paul Lopez

“Paul Lewis of YNOT, Matchbox 20,and the Bare Naked Ladies, with a touch of Clint Black” This would pretty well round up a short description of the feel of this song. Completely enjoyable and well-structured folk rock “Finally Free” is a trip down a musical nostalgia lane.

Punctuated by really strong production that separates each sound to a different section of the stereo spectrum, giving depth and texture to the sound that is so often absent in Indie productions. This uplifting little acoustic driven story song will leave listeners tapping their toes and humming the chorus in no time.

There really is nothing new here in the song idea, arrangement or melody. Simply put “Finally Free” is truly entertaining music with a strong commercial appeal. Performed by well-rehearsed talented musicians this is one that has found a permanent home on my hard drive.

I would ask that Paul submit me an album that I can review for inclusion in the Oct. issue of Riff.

Bobby Bensley
CMAP Music International


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